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I don’t know why,
But he really gives me hope,
I never actually heard the story,
But I can handle the ropes,
And every time I convince myself that it isn’t true,
He always does something,
To make me feel brand new.

He was the reason to wake up,
Was the reason to go to sleep,
I know I wont have him in real life,
But maybe in my dreams.

Once he had her,
I felt so lost,
I knew one day I’d have to pay the price,
But I never knew the cost.

I really wanted to tell him,
But at the same time I don’t,
Because if he weren’t to love me,
I couldn’t ever cope.

Countless times,
I told myself what I could achieve,
To not love him, feel no pain,
But that was a lie I couldn’t believe.

I finally told myself,
It will never happen,
He wont love me,
But its more than that, kid,

And finally once ive got myself to believe,
He comes over and makes me feel happy,
I don’t know why, but he really gives me hope,
That one day this miracle will happen,
I wont have to learn to cope.


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