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What Do You Say?

What do you say when you’ve lost your whole world? The only thing that kept u alive, the only reason to wake up every morning. What do you say? For the first time in my life, I am speechless. Covering up myself in lies to hide what I really feel, so that no one can see the true me….because I am always given peoples’ trust, but I cant ever seem to give my own. I always knew this would happen. I really did. Theres more to me than u think. The girl who can put a smile on your face, cant put one on her own. The girl that always laughs, breaks down and cries. The girl that seemed so unbreakable, so strong, had every wall knocked down….and her raw heart exposed to this bad world… What do you say? When the only thing keeping you alive, has someone else in their life. You have loved them longer than she even knew him. What do you say?



I don’t know why,
But he really gives me hope,
I never actually heard the story,
But I can handle the ropes,
And every time I convince myself that it isn’t true,
He always does something,
To make me feel brand new.

He was the reason to wake up,
Was the reason to go to sleep,
I know I wont have him in real life,
But maybe in my dreams.

Once he had her,
I felt so lost,
I knew one day I’d have to pay the price,
But I never knew the cost.

I really wanted to tell him,
But at the same time I don’t,
Because if he weren’t to love me,
I couldn’t ever cope.

Countless times,
I told myself what I could achieve,
To not love him, feel no pain,
But that was a lie I couldn’t believe.

I finally told myself,
It will never happen,
He wont love me,
But its more than that, kid,

And finally once ive got myself to believe,
He comes over and makes me feel happy,
I don’t know why, but he really gives me hope,
That one day this miracle will happen,
I wont have to learn to cope.

*did not make or create this photo in any way*

*not my photo, did not take or create this photo in any way*

The House (Ghost Story) Chapter 2

 Chapter 2: Voices of the Unknown

The next morning, I woke up with my best friend Michelle staring in my face. My mother must have let her in “Good Morning Sleeperly head”

“eh, good morning?”

“c’mon! we have to go!”

“go where?”

“you’ll see! Get dressed”

I grabbed jeans, put on a tank top, and slipped on my flip flops and ran down the stairs while brushing my hair.

“what?” I said as I met her down the stairs

“c’mon!” she said

“where are you two going?” said my mother. My sisters turned around and stared at me.

“um, just for walk Mrs. W” said Michelle

My mother looked at me, as if saying to not go there. I rolled my eyes and turned to Michelle.

“alright, have fun” she said.

Michelle ran out the door and I followed. She took me to that house.

“oh god!” I said


“never mind”

I saw caution tape and red footsteps leading toward that way.

“stay back. Stay back. Stay back. Stay back” said a police officier to a crowd on the other side of the circle of tape. I saw two cop cars in the distance and white drawings. I whispered to Michelle

“whats going on?”

“your house ”

I had told her about my dreams with this house and that my mother doesn’t like it.

“sssss” I heard

“yes?” I said to Michelle


“never mind” it sounded like she was starting a sentence


“what!” I said aloud

Michelle gave me a strange look. The cop came to us and said that it’s time to leave now.


“huh?” I said to Michelle

“What do you keep telling me about? You sound like an insane person! Continuely saying what? huh?”

“I thought I heard something geez….” I said

We began to walk to her house and as we got in front Michelle burst out


“calm down…”

“oh, sorry…..maybe you did hear something….”

“or someone…..but I doubt it”
“no, no, your mom hears spirits…maybe you heard the person who died.”

“someone died?” I questioned

“yes! Didn’t you see the tape and chalk? that’s why I brought you here”


“but what? Lets go inside”

We walked inside her house and no one was home.

“umm…where are your parents and Stephanie?”

“they should be home, oh well, tell me what you heard”

“ok” I began “I heard a slither…”

“like a snake?”

“yeah, kind of, then a tttt, like a teh -teh and a ayy”

“then we went away” said Michelle

“yes, we went away”

“hmmm, ssss teh ayy….Stay?”
I felt my heart freeze and literally drop, I couldn’t breath, I felt so shocked, petrified and very, very confused. I dropped to the floor


The House (ghost story) Chapter 1

Chapter 1: My obsession

I walked down the silent streets in the crisp, fall air. I had to take a brake from the loud bickering of my two sisters. It was quiet, except for the faint sound of cars in the distance and an occasional wind. I felt a sudden impulse to stop in front of a particular house.  My feet lead me to that house in what felt like a short time but was probaly quite a while.   As I walked past the house, my legs froze and my feet were planted on the blacktop. I could not move whatsoever, my heart began to pound deeply as I looked up to the house. I have seen it before, I don’t know where, but it was quite familiar. I stood frozen on the street and heard a whisper. It sounded as if someone were behind me, a young woman. I quickly turned my waist around and nobody was there. I turned back around and thought about what I heard. After some quick discussion with myself, I figured what was said into my ear: “stay away”. It then struck me like a lightning bolt, strong and firm, sparky and wild, hard and painful. I broke out of my trance and ran away. I don’t know exactly where I was running to, but I know what I was running from. I heard distant screams and pleas for help. I continued running, for I saw nothing, but that house. I immediately stopped and thought “Why am I running? From a house?” I broke out into a gallop into the other direction, I had mixed feelings about that house. I was drawn to it for some odd reason, perhaps the danger or mystery. But at the same time, I felt scared and afraid. I was nearing the house when I heard that voice again. I stopped in my tracks and backed up. I was getting confused. I didn’t know how to feel. All of a sudden, my cell phone rang.

“hello?” I said

“Delia? Delia? Where are you?” my mother said in a frantic tone

“I’m walking down the block, is everything alright?”

“just come home, now” *click* she hung up.

I had no idea of why I had that phone call, but I figured it must be important. I ran down past the house towards my house. I wanted to get there as fast as I could, I really wanted to know what had happened.

I arrived to my home and my sister Rachel greeted me and said “moms worried” I walked into her room and saw her clutching this stone saying some weird prayer. “mom! What are you doing?” My mother is into this magical witchcraft stuff. She believes that spirits are around us and that almost all the legends are true about werewolves and other childhood stories. I, on the other hand, don’t believe any of it.

“ooh va tay, moor lay may”

“mom! What did you want?”

“Where were you!?”

“Walking down the–”


“the vacant house on Row Mill Lane.”



“ohh! Sweeheart! Never, EVER go near there AGAIN! You hear me?”

“Ye–ss no, I can’t”

“WHAT!? No, no, no! I said to never go there again! So many evil spirits are creeping up behind you…and I heard a…”

“what mom?”

“the screech of a banshee”

“…” My face was shocked…I heard her too

“she said for you to stay away and then screamed…you know, she must’ve liked you or something because that scream meant…you were…….gunna……*gulp*….die”

“*sigh* ok, well, imma, imma go into ma room.”

“okay sweetheart, love–” *SLAM*

I shut my door, quite loudly to frighten her. I don’t believe this mumbo jumbo. I was actually caught in between because I heard her too, she warned me though, they don’t do that–EVER my mother has told me, now she’s bending the rules for her daughter.

“EH! Give it back!”
“nuh-uh! Ma said it was for ME”

I heard my sisters Sariah and Selene in the distance fighting over some stupid thing. They are 10 but act 2.

“When dih’ she say that? Sariah said

“I assed her 10 minits go” said Selene

“I bet not”

“I bet so!”
“how much?”

“thirry bux”

“your on”

“raise it te’ fifty”

I heard mumbling but it soon faded. I kept trying to banish that house from my mind but every minute I spent trying to clear my mind, I would think about that house. This is not normal but a sick obsession, my obsession.