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Because Not Everything Fits Perfectly Together

Tears are the blood from the heart,
They are clear because they show everything.
You’ve bottled it up for so long,
And it must come out.
You cant die from a broken heart,
You only wish you did,
Because everything you lived for,
Is now broken.
Inside and out,
You feel the worst,
You have to contain it,
I’m not going to rhyme this poem,
Because not everything fits perfectly together.
It may not have a flow,
But the meaning is deeper than you’ll know.


Learn To Grow

It all started out, before she came along,
I knew for sure, that we belonged.
I finally got, the closest chance,
I would fall in love, with every glance,
But then I heard, of a girl,
Threatening to take, my entire world,
No, I wasn’t scared,
I thought I was fully prepared,
But ever since she heard of you,
You two were stuck like glue,
I was there when you asked,
When she said yes, my mind was harassed,
While everyone else is smiling, I shed a tear,
Because I know you’d rather be there, than here.
You rather be with her, instead of me,
That’s what makes me cry, the reason I cant sleep.
There is only so much you can do before you have to let go,
Its not called giving up, its called learning to grow.

Back In The Game

As I stand there,
I wonder what would have been,
The story of us,
if I would have chosen.

Decisions, decisions,
We make them all the time,
But the ones that really count,
We cant make up our minds.

Because it is you,
Who makes my heart sing,
When I can’t love,
When I’ve lost everything.

A lost love,
I never claimed,
Though the passion,
Can never be tamed.

The presence of you,
Lets me see,
Who I am,
The real me.

Behind the curtain,
Of all my shame,
Its you who brings me to life,
Back in the Game.